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NGC2174 Monkeyhead Nebula.

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About the image: This is a true colour widefield image of the Monkeyhead Nebula (NGC 2174), in the constellation of Orion. It was taken using the Explore Scientific ED127CF APO Telescope and the ASI 533 MC Pro Cooled Camera cooled to -10c and comprises of a total of 94 x 180 second exposures totalling an integration time of 4.7 hours from the back garden in a red zone (mid bortle class 5). Monkey Head Nebula: NGC2174 is a HII emission nebula comprised mostly of hydrogen gas located at the top of the constellation of Orion. It is associated with an open star cluster NGC2175 and is estimated to be around 6,400 light years from earth. The main source of energy within the nebula is a massive hot star known as HD42088, which is estimated to be 30 times the mass of our own sun and 6 times hotter. This star gives off intense ultraviolet radiation which is responsible for ionising the the gases in the nebula.

Annotated image version: (Click image to open full size)

Where in the sky is it?

The Monkey head nebula can be found in at the edges of the constellations of Orion and Gemini. (Click image to open full size)

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