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NGC6823 + Sharpless 86.

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NGC6823 Open star cluster and Sharpless 86, in HOO.

Annotated Version:

About the image:

This image is a total of 10.6 hours of data captured using the Explore Scientific ED127 Telescope and using the ASI 533 MC Pro astronomy camera and Optalong L-extreme Filter. The image is processed as HOO, meaning the data is split and Red = Hydrogen, Green and Blue = Oxygen. NGC6823 An Open star cluster found in the constellation of Vulpecula, which is about 50 light years across and lies around 6,000 Light years from Earth. The cluster contains several very hot blue stars that are responsible for ionising the gasses in the nebula Sharpless 86. NGC6820 A small reflection nebula located in the top right corner of the image. Sharpless 86 There seems to be little information to find on this nebula other than it is an emission nebula directly associated with the star cluster NGC6823. It doesn't have a common name and does not seem to be particularly well known or often imaged nebula. It does however contain some rather striking structures, the most obvious being the long pillar of gas and dust extending towards the open star cluster at the centre of the image.

ZWO ASI 533 MC Pro Cooled Astronomy Camera - Square Sensor.

Optalong L-Extreme band pass chart, Ha and Oiii:

Where in the sky is it?

NGC 6823 / Sharpless 86 is located in the constellation of Vulpecula. Click image to see full size chart.


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